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Counters and visualizersSince 1968 ELAP has been growing in the field of industrial automation, getting specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing counting and control equipment for industrial automation.
In the years product range has extended to include preset counters and visualizers, single and multi-axis positioners, PLC controllers, and a wide choice of positioning sensors: incremental and absolute rotary encoders, linear and rotary potentiometers, incremental transducers and optical scales, wire transducers, magnetic transducers, vibration sensors.
The accuracy and reliability featuring ELAP products result from an advanced technological research joined to the long experience achieved “on the field”, strictly in touch with the customers, to propose the best solution to each application, developing tailor-made products, when necessary.

ELAP takes part to PI international community promoting the development of  PROFIBUS and PROFINET industrial networks, EtherCAT Technology Group, the worldwide organization of  EtherCAT systems users and manufacturers, and to ODVA, which supports network technologies built on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™) — EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, CompoNet™, and ControlNet™.

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