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Smart working modality

We wish to inform our valued Customers that our manufacturing and dispatching activities are paused till the 3rd April as a result of  government enforcements to contain COVID 19 widespreading. Our Sales and Commercial Offices are fully operational in smart working modality: you can e-mail us at , or at your usual contacts’ address:… Read more »

Encoder MEM40Bus CANopen

The small sized  encoder MEM40-Bus CANopen complies with standards CiA DS301, DS406, DS 305, featuring the  functions of Class 2. It provides all the tipycal functions of a smart encoder, i.e. diagnostic for parameter, position and temperature errors, and settable operating paramenters – number of revolutions, steps, rotation direction and one preset value. The different… Read more »

EtherNet/IP Encoder MEM-Bus

Elap Encoders MEM-Bus EtherNet/IP™ can be easily integrated in any EtherNet/IP™ net, as they comply with all EtherNet/IP interface requirements, according to directives IEC61784-1. The encoder features the encoder profile 22H according to CIP™ protocol specifications. The encoders avail on ODVA compliance certification, including CIP™ SYNC service. The encoders parameters – steps/revolution, preset number, rotation… Read more »

Absolute Wire Encoders

Wire transducers series WPS are composed by the draw-wire mechanics coupled to Elap multiturn absolute high-resolution encoder MEM-BUS or MEM. They can provide different communication protocols – EtherCAT, PROFINET, Profibus, CANopen or SSI output signal.