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Widened voltage supply range for incremental encoders

We are pleased to inform you that the supply voltage range has been widened to 5/30Vdc for our incremental encoders series RE – REM – REC – RE50 – SEB The new supply range includes the previous values 5Vdc  and 8/24Vdc, therefore all the new encoders are completely compatible and can replace the units supplied… Read more »

Encoder MEM40Bus CANopen

The small sized  encoder MEM40-Bus CANopen complies with standards CiA DS301, DS406, DS 305, featuring the  functions of Class 2. It provides all the tipycal functions of a smart encoder, i.e. diagnostic for parameter, position and temperature errors, and settable operating paramenters – number of revolutions, steps, rotation direction and one preset value. The different… Read more »

EtherNet/IP Encoder MEM-Bus

Elap Encoders MEM-Bus EtherNet/IP™ can be easily integrated in any EtherNet/IP™ net, as they comply with all EtherNet/IP interface requirements, according to directives IEC61784-1. The encoder features the encoder profile 22H according to CIP™ protocol specifications. The encoders avail on ODVA compliance certification, including CIP™ SYNC service. The encoders parameters – steps/revolution, preset number, rotation… Read more »

Summer holidays

The company will be closed for summer holidays from 6th to 27th August. In order to offer our best service we ask you to schedule your orders.

Absolute Wire Encoders

Wire transducers series WPS are composed by the draw-wire mechanics coupled to Elap multiturn absolute high-resolution encoder MEM-BUS or MEM. They can provide different communication protocols – EtherCAT, PROFINET, Profibus, CANopen or SSI output signal.