CM 78N

Multi-functional counter/visualizer

6 displayed digits
Counter or positioner type available
2 presets
Settable operational modes

Available in the counter or visualiser version, CM78N includes different functionalities in one unit: the type C01 operates as 2-preset counter, as partial/total counter and as cycle counter with cycle preselection, while the visualiser type C02 can be employed as position display, 2-setpoint visualiser or as absolute/relative visualiser with two setpoints.

A list of freely settable parameters (inputs/outputs type, operating cycle, counting direction, decimal point position, multipying factor) allows to tailor CM78N to several applications on industrial operating machines.

Functions and data are easlily entered via the front keys.


  • 6 displayed digits
  • mono/bidirectional input
  • count frequency (primary wave) 25 KHz
  • NPN or push-pull encoder inputs
  • 2 relay outputs 250V 3A
  • 2 presets
  • supply voltage 115 or 230 or 24Vac, 50/60Hz or 12 or 24 Vdc (to be defined in the order)
  • microprocessor with re-writable memory
  • Dimensions: mm 96×48, dept mm 105, panel cut off mm 92×45


  • Decimal point position
  • correcting factor from 0.01 to 9.99999
  • multiplication of the input pulses by 1 or by 4
  • 12รท24 Vdc external functional inputs NPN or PNP, selectable by software
  • single or repeat cycle, up or down counter (for type C01 only)
  • solid state or time outputs
  • partial/total counter (type C01) or absolute/relative visualiser (type C02)
  • cycle counter (type C01 only)
CM78N C01CM78N C02
Up/down counter with settable cyclePosition visualiser
Partial/total counter with settable cyclePosition visualiser with two settable thresholds
Cycle counter with settable cycleAbsolute/relative visualiser with two settable thresholds

Download: CM 78N

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