EtherNet/IP Encoder MEM-Bus

Elap Encoders MEM-Bus EtherNet/IP™ can be easily integrated in any EtherNet/IP net, as they comply with all EtherNet/IP interface requirements, according to directives IEC61784-1. The encoder features the encoder profile 22H according to CIP™ protocol specifications. The encoders avail on ODVA compliance certification, including CIP™ SYNC service.

The encoders parameters – steps/revolution, preset number, rotation direction, speed/position alarm thresholds, unit – are set via TCP/IP. The measuring unit can be modified run-time. Besides the standard Assembly Objects 1,2,3, Elap encoder supports the proprietary object 110, granting a comprehensive view of parameters and alarms relating to speed and position. IP addressing  can be set both by rotary switches and via software (DHCP/BOOTP).

The encoder supports the DLR (Device Level Ring) functionality, granting continuity in operation even in case of net interruptions.

Further information at Encoder EtherNet/IP