Joystick SAT

1 dimensional coordinate, mini joystick
Hall-Effect working principle
Life expectancy:2,500,000 operations

Miniature proportional 1-Axis Hall Effect Thumb Controller with elastomer paddle wheel option.

Typical applications: marine winch control, (outdoor) control panels, material handling equipment, scissor lifts, agricultural machinery

This single-axis mini thumb controller is based on contactless hall effect technology and comes with a proportional output.

It has a standard IP67 above panel seal and the integrated elastomer actuator gives the user an ergonomic feeling. Possible options include a paddle wheel for precision single axis control, combined with its long-life expectancy it is an ideal choice for many industrial control applications.


  • Proportional contactless hall effect technology
  • Single axis thumb controller with elastomer actuator
  • Optional paddle wheel handle
  • Standard IP67 grade protection above panel

Download: Joystick SAT

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