Joystick TS1

2 dimensional coordinates, mini joystick
Base dimensions Ø 25 mm
Contactless hall effect technology
Life expectancy: 2,500,000 operations

Typical applications: maritime and offshoredeck machinery, agricultural machines, lifting equipment, industrial remote controllers

This 2-axis miniature thumb controller uses contactless Hall effect sensors that provide a precision proportional output with an exceptional return to center characteristics. This joystick has an elastomer actuator available in different shapes and it has standard IP67 seal above panel. The various mounting options make this joystick very easy to integrate into all kinds of heavy-duty machinery. The TS1 offers several output options and is supplied with 28AWG cable.


  • 1 or 2 axis thumb controller
  • Contactless Hall effect technology
  • Threaded, drop-in, or rear mount
  • 4 actuator options
  • Standard IP67 above panel
  • Proportional analog output or USB


  • Maritime and offshore deck machinery
  • Agricultural machines
  • Lifting equipment
  • Industrial remote controllers
  • Armrest control panels

Download: Joystick TS1

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