Encoders MEM40-B/MEM41-B CANopen

The new catalogue relating to MEM40B CANopen encoder is available for the download.

The encoder series MEM40-Bus with CANopen interface is available with solid or hollow shaft:

  • MEM40-BUS with round flange, solid shaft, servo coupling
  • MEM41-BUS with hollow shaft, fixing by elastic support

Small-sized MEM40/41-Bus offers all the tipycal functions of a smart encoder, i.e. diagnostic for parameter, position and temperature errors, and settable operating paramenters – number of revolutions, steps, rotation direction and one preset value. The different settings are managed by the system master.

The node address and baud rate can be set via LSS or by means of dip-switches – which makes programming even easier.

By means of CANopen interface MEM40/41-Bus communicates with any PLC-controlled system. It complies with standards CiA DS301, DS406, DS 305, featuring the  functions of Class 2.

MEM40B/MEM41B is supplied in multiturn version with 29 bit resolution. The electrical connection is by M12 connector. Its stout metal housing ensures a high protection degree to enable applications in severe industrial environments. The series is UL Listed for Canada and USA.

Further information at the URL MEM40-Bus