New Potentiometers Series

We are pleased to present our new potentiometers series:

The new potentiometers offer excellent reading accuracy, repeatibility, speed, vibration and resistance to shock and vibrations.

The conductive plastic resistive element grants the potentiometers a long life, high independent linearity and virtually infinite resolution. The standard resistive value is 5 KOhm, but 10 KOhm is also available on request.

For all the types connections are granted by means of the widespread standard M12 connector.

The mounting method – by steel brackets, ball joints or screw nut – is extremely easy. Several fittings are available: ball joints, self-aligning joints, feeler pin and springs for the rod return.

All the potentiometers avail on a stout aluminium housing which ensures high protection against environmental agents, and makes them fit to severe applications, even outdoor.

We invite you to visit the relevant product pages and take a view to the new linear potentiometer catalogue.

Please, feel free to contact us for further information.