Profinet encoder MEM-Bus-PNT

Elap absolute encoders series MEM-Bus-PNT comply with the Encoder Profile Specifications V4.1 version 3.162 related to Profidrives. They fulfil the requirements of the Application Classes 3 and 4, that is they provide all functions for scaling factor, preset, rotational direction, positioning and speed values, diagnostic. MEM-Bus encoders support the RT Real Time and IRT Isochronous Real Time transmission mode, thus ensuring fast, accurate and safe data transfer.

Besides standard telegrams 81, 82, 83, 84 Elap encoders support the user telegram 860, featuring Profibus telegram, a peculiarity which simplifies the encoder handling, as well as the possible migration from Profinet devices.

The encoders real time diagnostic function ensures the device state constant monitoring.

MEM-Bus encoders are supplied in multiturn version with 29 bit resolution (8192 steps/revolution x 65536 revolutions).