High temperature accelerometers

Wilcoxon Research offers different options for applications above the normal operating  range of industrial accelerometers, greater than 120ºC.

The FireFET® series, models 793-6 and 797-6, is designed for continuous operation up to 150ºC.
These sensors are typically used where extra temperature protection is needed, such as the dryer section of a paper machine.

ModelSensitivitySensitivity tolerance +/-Frequency response @ +/- 3dbMax temp.Accel RangeHaz area option
HzCg peak
High frequency accelerometers
793-6100 mV/g10%1 - 12k150°50
797-610 mV/g10%1 - 12k150°50
HT786A100 mV/g5%0.7 - 10k150°80
HT787A100 mV/g5%0.7 - 10k150°80
HT780A100 mV/g5%0.5 - 14k150°80

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