Encoder E30

Ø 30 mm

Engineered on the basis of a compact innovative technology, the incremental encoders E30, offer great accuracy and reliability in a small size, and an excellent price/performance ratio.

The incremental encoders E30 are available both in the bidirectional version (E30) and in the bidirectional type with zero reference pulse (E31); the pulses per revolution no. ranges from 2 to 12500. Their body diameter measures 30 mm only, with shaft diameter 4 or 6 mm.

The encoder E30 is housed in an ABS plastic case, with axial cable or connector outlet. The output signals can be provided in NPN open collector, push-pull or line-driver format.


  • Round flanged encoder, body Ø 30 mm
  • Shaft Ø 4 mm – optional 6 mm
  • Pulses per revolution no.: 2 ÷ 12500
  • Supply: 5Vdc or 8/24Vdc
  • Output signals: push-pull, NPN open collector, 5V line driver (supply 5V or 8/24V), 8/24V line driver (supply 8/24V)
  • Max. frequency: 100/150 KHz
  • Protection against short circuits and polarity reversal
  • Axial or radial cable, 1 m long
  • Protection degree: IP54

Download: Encoder E30