Encoder E40

Ø 40 mm

The small size encoders series E40 feature great accuracy and compact size.

The incremental encoder E40 can be supplied with different mechanical flanges: the type E40 has 6 fixing holes on diameter 30 mm, while the type 40A has 4 holes on diameter 25.4 mm; the encoder E40V has a front fixing screw, and the series E40Q is provided with a square flange of mm 43×43. The types E40M and E40S are hollow shaft encoders designed for motor coupling, respectively by joint and by anti-rotational elastic metal support. For all the types the ppr no. ranges from 2 to 12500, with or without zero pulse (E40 or E41).

The series standard case is out of ABS plastics, with axial or radial cable or connector outlet; series RE40 with aluminium housing and IP65 radial cablepress outlet is also available.


  • Round flanged encoder, body Ø 40 mm
  • shaft Ø 6 or 4 mm (series E40/E40A/E40V/E40Q)
  • hollow shaft Ø 6 or 8 mm(series E40M/E40S)
  • supply: 5Vdc or 8/24Vdc
  • 2 to 12500 ppr
  • max. frequency: 100/150 KHz
  • output signals: push-pull, NPN open collector, 5V line driver (supply 5V or 8/24V), 8/24V Line driver (supply 8/24V)
  • protection against short circuits and polarity reversal
  • axial or radial cable, 1 m long; optional: axial connector (special versions X..)
  • protection degree: IP54
  • ABS plastic case
  • Series E40

    Ø 40 mm round flange, 6 holes on Ø 30 mm – Shaft Ø: 6 mm optional 4 mms

  • Series E40A

    Ø 40 mm round flange, 4 holes on Ø 25.4 mm – Shaft Ø: 6 mm optional 4 mm

  • Series E40Q

    Square flange mm 44×44 Shaft Ø: 6 mm optional 4 mm

  • Series E40V

    Ø 40 mm round flange, M18x1 screw coupling – Shaft Ø: 6 mm optional 4 mm

  • Series E40M

    Hollow shaft encoder for motor coupling – Shaft Ø: 6 or 8 mm

  • Series E40S

    Hollow shaft encoder for motor coupling – Fixing by elastic antirotational metal support Shaft Ø: 6 or 8 mm

Download: Encoder E40

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