Encoder RE50

Ø 50 mm

Compact sized – Ø 50 mm x  48 mm – and stout, incremental encoders series RE50 are specially engineered for industrial use.

The number of pulses per revolution ranges from 2 to 12500, with or without zero reference pulse..

The aluminium case offers PI65 protection degree against environmental agents.

The connections are provided by cable or M12 connector in axial position; the output signals can feature the push-pull or line-driver format.


Available versions

Bidirectional with (RE51) or without zero pulse (RE50)
Pulses/revolution: 2 ÷ 12500


  • Round flange 50 mm diameter
  • Shaft diameter 6 – 8 – 10 mm
  • Voltage supply 5/30 Vdc
  • Protection against short circuit and polarity reversal
  • Power consumption 30/80 mA
  • Max counting frequency 100 KHz – 200 KHz over 1250 ppr
  • Electronic output: Push-Pull, Line-driver
  • Axial cable outlet, cable length 1 m or axial M12 plug connector
  • aluminium case
  • Protection degree IP65

Download: Encoder RE50