Encoder RM36-I

The encoders series RM36 operating mode relies on the magnetic principle: one single diametrally polarised magnet activates the Hall sensors integrated in the ASIC. The sensor runs contactless, granting high reading accuracy and virtually endless mechanical life.

The encoders series RM36 are stout, resistant to vibrations and shocks, and easy to mount.Their small size and the compact design allow to employ them in a wide range of applications.

The aluminium case grants a high protection degree (IP64) making them fit to be used in harsh environments, with dust or grease.

The encoders series RM36 can be supplied both in absolute and in incremental version, with different output formats.


  • Ø 36 mm body
  • Ø 6 mm shaft
  • 5 Vdc supply voltage
  • 20/50 mA current consumption
  • IP64 protection degree
  • RM36-I – Incremental encoder – 5 Vdc line driver output – 1 m cable outlet – no connector – 5 Vdc supply voltage – Pulses per revolution no.: 128, 512 or 102

Download: Encoder RM36-I

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