Control over 1-2 axes
Embedded PLC
Graphical display
Applications programs available

The small-sized, powerful and versatile controller VEGA runs the automatic operation of machines and production systems of all industrial sectors.
In addition to the usual logical, timing and counting operations, its embedded PLC performs a series of advanced operations, making it possible to engineer complex applications in a simple and direct way.

The Integrated Development Environment ELAP CM STUDIO for the creation of the PLC program and of the user interface allows to configurate the graphical display with icons, backgrounds and animation.
Thanks to the high protection degree on the front case (IP65) VEGA can be used in severe industrial environments.


  • Control over 1 or 2 axes
  • Embedded PLC, LADDER or Mnemonic programming language
  • Programmable user interface
  • Graphical pages handled
  • Main bus for I/O expansion
  • 16 inputs + 16 outputs
  • I/O expansion modules up to 64 inputs + 64 outputs
  • 128×64 pixel graphic display
  • CPU 32 bit RISC 65 MIPS
  • Inside-board mounting version Vega Box with remote terminal¬† available

Download: Vega

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