Encoder MEM40 – BUS CANopen

Multiturn encoders with CANopen fieldbus – UL Listed

The absolute encoders series MEM-Bus avail on an interface to connect to field bus systems according to the CANopen standard.

The encoders comply with standards CIA DS301, DS406, DS 305, featuring the  functions of Class 2. They are supplied in multiturn version with 29 bit resolution (8192 steps/revolution x 65536 revolutions).

The encoder operating parameters are set directly by the user: revolutions no., steps per rev., rotation direction and preset no. The diagnostic function signals possible parameter, position or temperature errors as well as the battery alarm – the data memory is anyway ensured for a long period (30 years). The baud rate and node selection can be easily set by LSS protocol or by means of dip-switches.

MEM40-Bus encoders avail on 3 signalling LEDs for supply state, line and error.

The encoder comes with metal housing,  round flange, solid or hollow shaft, to meet any application requirement. The electrical connection is by M12 connector.

The stout case ensures a high protection degree to enable applications in severe industrial environments.

The innovative electronic construction technology – involving no mechanical gear –allow to reach high acceleration and speed values and grants the transducer  a long life.

MEM40-Bus encoders are UL listed for the Canadian and United States market.


  • Fieldbus interface: CANopen
  • Supply 10/30Vdc 2 W
  • Steps/revolution: 8192/13 bit
  • Revolutions no. (multi-turn): 65536/16 bit
  • Data memory > 30 years
  • Different configurations available
  • Aluminium case
  • Protection degree: IP65 – Optional IP65
  • Electronic reset


  • Parameter or position error
  • Battery alarm
  • Temperature alarm


  • Steps/revolution
  • Revolutions number
  • Preset
  • Rotation direction


  • 3 signalling LEDs for:
  • Supply
  • Data
  • Error


  • Node and baud rate selection by LSS protocol or by dip-switches
  • Series MEM40 Bus

    Ø 41 mm round flange
    Servo coupling Ø 36 mm
    Ø 10 mm shaft

  • Series MEM41 Bus

    Ø 41 mm body
    Hollow shaft Ø 10 mm
    Fixing by elastic support

Download: Encoder MEM40 – BUS CANopen