Encoder RE620 – E620

63.5×63.5 mm square flange

The range of square-flanged incremental encoders includes the series RE620, with centering mask diameter 31.75 mm, compatible with the international standard SIZE25, and the series RE650, with centering mask diameter 50 mm.

Both the types are housed in a metal or ABS plastic case (ABS-cased series are named E). The connection type and position can be chosen among different options, as well as the supply voltage, the output signal formats and the shaft diameters.

The pulses per revolution number ranges from 2 to 12500.
The zero reference pulse option is available for all the series (type RE621/E621 etc.).


  • Voltage supply 8/24 or 5 Vdc – Power consumption 30/80 mA
  • Max counting frequency 100 KHz – 200 KHz for ppr > 1000
  • Axial or radial connector outlet, equipped with the flying part – Axial or radial cable outlet, 3 m long cable (cable length 1 m with line driver output)
  • Output signals: NPN open collector, push-pull, 5 Vdc line driver (supply 5 or 8/24 Vdc), 8/24 Vdc line driver (supply 8/24 Vdc)
  • Protection against short circuit and polarity reversal
  • Aluminium case (series RE) or ABS plastic case (series E)
  • IP64 protection degree (optional IP65 with O-ring mounted on the shaft)
  • Series RE620

    63.5 x 63.5 mm square flange
    Centering mask Ø 31.75 mm
    Shaft Ø 6, 8, 9.52 or 10 mm
    Aluminium housing
    International standard flange SIZE25
    Pulses/revolution: 2÷12500

  • Serie RE650

    Flangia quadra 63,5 x 63,5 mm
    Musone di centratura Ø 50 mm
    Albero Ø 6, 8, 9,52 oppure 10 mm
    Custodia in alluminio
    Impulsi/giro: 2÷12500

Download: Encoder RE620 – E620