TM + MP200 Magnetic transducer

The linear magnetic measuring system TM+MP200 consists of the magnetic transducer TM and the magnetic band MP200.

The transducer works contactless, releaving the polarized fields of the magnetic band and converting the measure into digital signals. The system can be profitably employed in severe industrial environments, in presence of water, oil or grease. The mounting method is easy and cheap and the measure is accurate and repeatable.

The scanning head TM is contained in a compact and strong metal case, and it is available with reading resolution 0.1 mm (TM10) or 0.01 mm (TM100). An electronic zero pulse is generated each 4 mm (type TM10C/TM100C), or matching with one or more external magnets (TM10E/TM100E).

Scanning head specificationsTM10C/TM10ETM100C/TM100E
Reading resolution0,1 mm0,01 mm
Accuracy0,1 mm0,05 mm
Electronic zero pulseTM10C/100C: every 4 mm TM10E/100E: matching with external magnet
Frequency300 KHz
Sensor distance0,3 ÷ 1,2 mm
Phase displacement90° ± 5° electrical degrees
Max. Speed12 m/s
Vibration resistance(55 Hz ÷ 2 KHz) a 300 m/s2
Shock resistance1000 m/s2 (11 m/s)
Protection degreeIP67
Operating temperature0 ÷ 50° C
Stocking temperature-20° ÷ 80 C°
Humidity100% not condensed
Supply5÷28 Vcc ±5% 60 mA no load
Output signalsPush-pull o line-driver
Standard cableLunghezza 2 m
Electrical protectionssupply:against polarity reversal - outputs: against short circuits
Magnetic band specifications
Pole pitch2 + 2 mm
Precision±50 mm/m
Width10 mm
Thickness1,3 mm
Max. length50 m
Thermal expansion10,5x10-6°C-1 t.rif.=20°C±0,1°C
Operating temperature0 ÷ 70°C
Stocking temperature-20° ÷ 80°C

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