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Linear transducers

Incremental linear transducers

Incremental linear transducers are usually employed on industrial operating machines. Combined to counting, visualizing and control systems they allow to achieve programmed positionings, pre-determined step shifts and to display length or thickness measures.

Elap linear transducers range includes several sensors type: magnetic transducers, digital transducers, wire sensors and optical scales. Each position sensor can be supplied with different strokes and resolution values.

  • Absolute encoders
    Absolute encoders

    Absolute encoders

    Single turn and multiturn encoders. EtherNet/IP encoders, EtherCAT encoders. Profinet encoders. Profibus encoders. CANopen encoders. Magnetic encoders.UL Listed encoders.

  • Incremental encoders
    Incremental encoders

    Incremental encoders

    Optical and magnetic encoders. Encoders with high pulses / revolution number. Programmable encoders.

  • Linear transducers
    Linear transducers

    Linear transducers

    Incremental linear transducers, magnetic transducers, wire sensors, optical scales.

  • PD - PE Linear Transducer
    Linear transducers

    High reading resolution (up to 0.005 mm)
    Easy mounting method
    Hig protection against environmental agents (IP65)
    Strokes: 60 ÷ 990 mm

  • TM + MP200 Magnetic
    Linear transducers

    The linear magnetic measuring system TM+MP200 consists of the magnetic transducer TM and the magnetic band MP200.

  • Optical scale series KD
    Linear transducers

    The linear optical readers series KD are accurate and reliable, especially suited for applications in severe industrial environments.

  • Optical scale series KP
    Linear transducers

    The optical linear scales series KP are accurate and reliable. Thanks to their compact dimensions they can be applied even on small-sized machine tools (millers, lathes, grinders, spark erosion machines…).

  • Wire transducers
    Wire transducers

    Wire transducers

    Absolute wire encoders, fieldbus wire encoders, incremental wire encoders, wire potentiometers.

  • Linear potentiometers
    Linear potentiometers

    Linear potentiometers

    Linear motion potentiometers. Potentiometers with analogue output. Small-sized potentiometers. Potentiometers with M12 connector

  • Althen Potentiometers
    Althen potentiometers

    Althen Potentiometers

    Single turn rotary potentiometers – multiturn rotary potentiometers – continous-rotation potentiometers – linear motion potentiometers

  • Industrial joysticks
    Industrial joysticks

    Industrial joysticks

    Althen industrial joysticks range includes solutions for the control  1 to 6 dimensions, with different sensor types.

  • Vibration sensors
    Vibration sensors

    Vibration sensors

    Wilcoxon Research® vibration sensors and accessories offer reliable performance and functionality for vibration analysis, machinery monitoring and balance-of-plant applications

  • Tilt sensors
    Vigor Technology tilt sensors

    Tilt sensors

    Vigor Technology tilt sensors range includes several models with different measuring angles, axes, accuracy grade, repeatibility and output signals.

  • Touch screen panels
    Weintek HMI

    Touch screen panels

    Weintek touch-screen panels range includes a wide choice of models, from 4.3” to 10” size.

  • PLC controllers
    PLC axes controllers

    PLC controllers

    NEXUS, VEGA and NEOS, Elap comprehensive series of multi-function controllers are designed to make the programming operations and work cycle control easy.

  • Counters & visualizers
    Counters and visualizers

    Counters & visualizers

    ELAP counters and readouts solve all the problems related to counting and displaying lengths or tickness measures and machined pieces numbers.

  • Positioners


    Elap positioners range includes includes several PLC programmable equipments.

  • Monitoring Systems
    Shinkawa condition monitoring systems

    Monitoring Systems

    Shinkawa offers a wide range of condition monitoring systems for rotating machinery.

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Linear incremental transducer development and production

Linear incremental transducers are devices that detect the position and displacement of a mechanical movement in a straight line. Their operative principle is thus similar to the one of incremental rotary encoders but where those read a circular scale of reference, these operate on a straight-line graduated scale. Incremental linear transducers based on various technologies are available: magnetic, digital and optical scales.


All linear transducers mentioned here are incremental, that is they measure a series of displacements and not an absolute position.

Magnetic transducers operate on a magnetic principle basis. In these models, the slider contains a magnet and reacts with a polarised magnetic band. The advantage of this system is that it has no electrical contact on the slider, which limits fretting wear whilst offering greater precision and speed. Furthermore, magnetic systems are less sensitive to dirt than optical systems, hence they are more suitable for applications in industrial environments in which processing results in the presence of dust or oils.

Linear transducers with optical scales use optical sensors or photodiodes that read the high-precision graduated notches on a rectilinear guide, measuring the length of the movement performed on this basis. The optical encoder strips are typically used on machine tools.

The incremental linear transducers in the PD-PE series operate on the basis of the optical principle of reading a graduated scale, similar to optical encoder strips. In PD/PE transducers, rather, the reading head and measurement scale are contained in a sturdy aluminium casing that protects against environmental agents and makes assembly especially practical—the transducer structure is actually fixed to the machinery via bracket fasteners or ball joints placed at the ends. The precision of the reading, the simplicity of assembly and the wide choice of measurement (from 60 to 990 mm) make this type of transducer suitable for all applications in which it is necessary to measure a linear shift.


In the industrial sector, linear incremental transducers are used on a whole range of automatic machines, wherever it is necessary to carry out programmed positioning, advancements in predetermined steps or even simply to display length or thickness measurements. They are usually combined with counting, visualisation and control systems.

Custom models

In addition to a series of widely-used standard models, ELAP develops and produces tailored linear incremental transducers, made to measure displacements in the customer’s specific industrial processes. Thanks to the extremely vast possibility of configuration and calibration of our instruments and to our internal design studio, ELAP products can be tailored to any specific need you may have.

Contact us today for more information, clarifications, or quotes regarding ELAP digital, magnetic and optical line incremental linear transducers!


Since 1968 ELAP has been growing in the field of industrial automation, getting specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing transducers, sensors and control equipment for operating machines.

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