Nexus N2

2 – 4 Axes

Nexus controls up to four axes. It avails on embedded PLC, Modbus RTU communication protocol, mini USB programming port, SD card slot.

The storable data structures with indexed access (receipts) allow to fit the configuration of the user interface to the most different application requirements.

The PLC can be programmed both in Ladder language and in Instruction list.

The graphical interface can be completely configured. The wide Flash memory area of the microprocessor allows to store the graphical pages, the user interface and the PLC program.


  • Control over 2 – 4 axes
  • Embedded PLC Ladder or Instruction List programming languages
  • Programming via the mini USB 2.0 port
  • Real Time Clock
  • Removable SD card data, recipes and programs backup/upload
  • Main bus for I/O expansion
  • 32 inputs + 32 outputs
  • I/O expansion modules up to 80 inputs + 80 outputs
  • 2/4 bidirectional count inputs – 5V Line Driver (RS422) with zero reference reading
  • 240 x 128 pixel graphic display
  • CPU 32 bit RISC
  • Flash memory for data backup
  • Modbus RTU communication protocol on two ports
  • Inside-board mounting version Nexus Box N2 with remote terminal¬† available

Download: Nexus N2

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