General purpose accelerometers

Wilcoxon general purpose  accelerometers sense  vibration commonly found  in most  industrial machinery. Applications include monitoring of motors, fans, pumps, moderate speed gearboxes, machine tool spindles and paper machine rolls.

Measurements on these types of machines require a broad frequency range, moderate amplitude range and moderate sensor noise floors.

Some general purpose accelerometers can be supplied in the ‘hazardous area’ version (Y), for applications in potentially explosive athmosphere.

ModelSensitivitySensitivity tolerance +/-Frequency response @ +/- 3dbMax temp.Accel RangeHaz area option
HzCg peak
General purpose accelerometers
726/726T100 mV/g5%0.4 15k120°80
780A100 mV/g5%0.4 - 14k120°80Y
780B100 mV/g10%0.4 - 14k120°80
785A100 mV/g10%1 - 12k120°80
786A100 mV/g5%0.5 - 14k120°80Y
786A-M12100 mV/g5%0.5 - 14k120°80
786F100 mV/g5%0.5 - 13k120°80Y
786-500500 mV/g5%0.2 - 14k120°10
787A100 mV/g5%0.7 - 10k120°80Y
787AM8-M12100 mV/g5%0.7 - 10k120°80
787B100 mV/g10%0.7 - 10k120°80
787F 100 mV/g10%0.7 - 10k120°80
793 (premium)100 mV/g5%0.5 - 15k120°80Y
797 (premium)100 mV/g5%1.0 - 12k120°50Y

Download: General purpose accelerometers