Encoder MEM – BUS CANopen

Single and multiturn encoders with fieldbus

The absolute encoders series MEM-Bus avail on an interface to connect to field bus systems according to the CANopen standard.
MEM-Bus encoders can be supplied both in single and in multiturn version: the singleturn encoder resolution is 13 bit, while for the multiturn type the resolution value is 29 bit (8192 steps/revolution x 65536 revolutions).

Different mechanical versions are available to satisfy all application requirements: square flanged, round flanged with servo coupling, and with hollow shaft to couple directly to a motor shaft. All the types offer different options for the shaft/hole diameter; the electrical connection is by cables: output options: two or three cable glands or three M12 connectors.

The stout aluminium case ensures a high protection degree, so that it is possible to apply MEM-Bus encoders in severe industrial environments.

The innovative electronic construction technology – involving no mechanical gear –allows to reach high acceleration and speed values and grants the transducer a long life.


  • Fieldbus interface: CANopen
  • Supply 5/28Vdc 1.2 W
  • Steps/revolution: 8192/13 bit
  • Revolutions no. (multi-turn): 65536/16 bit
  • Data memory > 21 years
  • Several configurations available
  • Aluminium case
  • Protection degree: IP64 – Optional IP65
  • Electronic reset


  • Parameter or position error
  • Battery alarm


  • Steps/revolution
  • Revolutions number
  • Preset
  • Rotation direction


  • 3 signalling LEDs for:
  • Support
  • Line
  • Error
  • Series MEM520 - Bus

    Ø 58 mm round flange
    Servo coupling
    Ø 50 mm centering mask
    Ø 6, 8 o 10 mm shaft

  • Series MEM540 - Bus

    Ø 58 mm round flange
    Ø 36 mm centering mask 3
    M4 holes at 120° on Ø 48 mm
    Ø 6, 8 o 10 mm shaft

  • Series MEM410 - Bus

    Hollow shaft for motor mounting
    Ø 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 mm hole

  • Series MEM450 - Bus

    Hollow shaft for motor mounting
    Ø 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 mm hole
    Fixing by elastic support

  • Series MEM620 - Bus

    63.5×63.5 mm square flange
    Ø 31.75 mm centering mask
    Ø 6, 8 o 10 mm shaft

Download: Encoder MEM – BUS CANopen