Control over 1-2 axes
Embedded PLC
Graphical display
Applications programs available

New graphical design and a powerful man-machine interface are the main features of the new controller VEGA+. The wide TFT color display is rear-lighted, 4.2 inch wide, with 432×240 pixel resolution and 65000 colours. Its touch screen functions are easily set by means of a dedicated program.

VEGA+ controls one or two digital axes by means of its 12 bit analogue output and can run the automation of industrial machines and production systems. VEGA+ mighty embedded PLC allows to configurate the controller thoroughly and to engineer complex applications in a direct and efficient way.

VEGA+ hardware specifications are consistent with VEGA prior version, while its software was enhanced to handle the touch screen funcionalities. VEGA PLC programs and tasks are compatible with VEGA+ applications.


  • Control over one or two digital axes
  • Embedded PLC, LADDER or Mnemonic programming languages
  • Touch screen
  • Interface completelyprogrammable via PC
  • Main bus for I/O expansion
  • 16 inputs + 16 outputs
  • I/O expansion modules up to 64 inputs + 64 outputs
  • Compatible with VEGA
  • Modbus RTU communication protocol
  • TFT COLOR DISPLAY Touch Screen 432 x 240 pixel,4.2 inch, 65000 colours

Download: Vega+

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